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Doctor Appointment

  • All information regarding doctor’s qualifications and availability is provided by the healthcare service providers (HSPs). Therefore, Doctorola does not take the responsibility for any erroneous or wrong information displayed on the website, mobile app or as published in any other means.
  • The Doctor himself or herself or the Healthcare Service Provider (HSP) will be solely responsible for the service quality of doctor, hospital/diagnostic or doctor’s assistant.
  • Doctors and their services can be unavailable, despite of prior commitments due to unforeseen events like emergency incidents or situations at the Doctor’s end, natural disaster, political unrest or any other event hampering normal course of life.
  • Doctors may get late in seeing the patient due to any reason and the Doctor or the Healthcare Service Providers (HSPs) will manage the scheduling or rescheduling at their sole responsibilities.
  • Any questionable treatment provided by the doctor or the healthcare service providers can only be directed or enquired to the doctor(s) or to the providers.
  • Doctors’ consultation fees are determined and published in the sole control of the doctors or the healthcare service providers, which can get changed without any notice by them anytime.
  • Appointment time slots and serials are provided by the doctors or the healthcare service providers are to be considered as notional and may lack in accuracy in reality.

Pick and Drop Service

  • Under certain CarePacks, Doctorola assists the member with pick and drop services only for the purpose of doctor visit and performing tests at labs.
  • CarePack member must request for a pick and drop service with detail information of the appointment or test date, time and location at least 24 hours before the intended pick up time.
  • As a support to the members, Doctorola only connects them to the rental and rideshare providers in the market and do not have any control over the quality of the vehicle or driving. Therefore, pick and drop service will be applicable only to the extent of picking you up from home to consultation center and dropping you off from consultation center to your home address.
  • The rented vehicle under this arrangement can only be used for designated purposes and the vehicle cannot be put on wait or to drop or pick up from any other location but registered home address and registered hospital/clinic/diagnostic centers’ address.
  • The member is responsible for paying the fare of the vehicle if used partly or fully for any other purpose other than scheduled treatment related visits.
  • Doctorola is not liable for any type of behavioural issues and activities of the driver. However, Doctorola will definitely help with forwarding the complaints to the providers.
  • Doctorola doesn’t provide any guarantee regarding the quality of vehicle arranged, license, other documents and compliances.
  • Doctorola is not responsible for any criminal or unlawful activities performed either by the user or by the driver during the travel using this facility.
  • In certain conditions, Doctorola may not be able to arrange vehicle timely. In case of political unrest, natural disaster and/or any other issues hampering normal traffic.
  • Doctorola is not held responsible for any accident occurred during the transportation period
  • During a trip, for any damage caused to the member by the driver, car or any other conditions needs to be discussed and settled between the member and the driver/vehicle owner. Viz a viz, damage caused to the vehicle or to the driver, will be settled between the driver/vehicle owner and the member.


  • Doctorola is not any ambulance service provider, it’s rather an ambulance arrangement assistance that helps patient to connect with ambulance service providers in time of need.
  • Doctorola doesn’t ensure the availability of ambulance by any means.
  • Any activities regarding ambulance calling, ambulance arrival time, ambulance quality, availability of emergency service in ambulance, price etc;, will entirely depend on the discussion, negotiations between the ambulance service provider and the member.
  • Doctorola is not responsible for any type of activities that hampers the interest of the member and ambulance service provider

Medicine Reminder

  • Medicine reminder is only to assist members with timely intake of his or her doctor prescribed medicines. Reminders sent with medicine names do not imply any advice for treatment.
  • Doctorola provides medicine reminder service based on the prescription sent/uploaded by the member. Any change in the medicine or its intake frequency must be timely updated by the member. Doctorola cannot be held responsible for any mistake in medicine intake due to outdated advice or information.
  • Doctorola is not liable for reminding any medicine intake, where the medicine is unapproved, banned, expired, incorrectly prescribed or not authorized from Bangladesh Drug Administration authority.
  • Doctorola does not guarantee or take responsibility for the successful and timely delivery of the medicine reminder SMSs as there are dependencies of the mobile phone operator network, functioning of the mobile handset of the member and other technical issues.
  • Member has to immediately inform Doctorola of any change made in the prescription by the physician for getting proper medicine reminder.
  • For any confusion with the medicine name, dose or other information on the prescription due to handwriting or any other reason needs to be clarified and confirmed by the member and Doctorola cannot be held responsible for any error resulting from the confusion in the name and information.
  • Doctorola cannot be expected to use any judgement, assessment or checking appropriateness of the medicine advice, dosage or intake frequencies.
  • Prescription and/or information provided for setting up medicine intake reminder has to be complete and clear and the member is fully responsible of the authenticity and correctness of the advice information.
  • In case of any confusion regarding proper delivery of the SMS messages, delivery confirmation at Doctorola’s end will be considered as the final proof of message delivery.

24/7 Doctor Consultation

  • Consultations and advices provided over the phone are from BMDC registered doctors and based on their knowledge and understanding of the patient's condition based on the conversation only.
  • Telephonic doctor consultation and advice are not replacements of a physical visit to a doctor and are limited by the observations possible by listening to the patient’s complaints and description of the symptoms, vitals, etc.
  • Telephonic doctor consultation is primarily aimed to address health-related issues as a preliminary or immediate measure. The consultation should be followed up by a physical doctor consultation for continuing illness or as advised by the doctor during telephone consultation.
  • Telephonic or remote consultation and advice by the doctors cannot be considered for treating serious illness, significant physical trauma, emergency situation and any other condition that requires a physical care by a medical professional or at a medical facility.
  • The doctor providing doctor consultation over the phone or remotely is an independent contractor to provide guidance and assistance to the members calling for advice. The doctor or Doctorola Ltd. will not be responsible for success, failure or any other consequence of the treatment or advice. The consultation is absolutely a preliminary suggestion on the next courses of actions by the members, which may or may not include advice for medication, advice for consulting other doctors or specialists or advice for any other legitimate actions to be taken to try to alleviate the condition immediately as a quick means.
  • Any prescription, diagnostic requisition, leave note and/or diagnosis by our licensed healthcare providers are to be used for primary non-emergency medical consultations only.
  • Subscriber may have to wait to connect with the telephonic consultation based on the ongoing queue on that moment.
  • Service may be interrupted due to unavoidable technological issues.
  • Service may be unavailable due unavoidable conditions such as political unrest, natural disaster, prolonged electricity failure, network failure, etc.
  • Service may be unavailable in some selected Govt. holidays. Doctorola will inform it’s users on a publicly published medium for such situation, if any.

Home call doctor

  • Home call doctor service is aimed to provide convenience of consulting on minor and basic health issues at home for members or patients having movement restrictions due to health condition or other factors.
  • The visits and home consultation are performed by registered general physicians, who based on their primary observations and immediately notable vitals advice the patients on the next courses of action. With various limitations of a home based diagnosis, this doesn’t replace the treatment process or procedures of the same at a medical facility.
  • General Physician (GP) will only provide general consultation to the patient
  • Prescription provided by Home Call Doctor is created by BMDC registered doctor himself/herself. Doctorola only connects the doctors available for home visits and is not liable for any mistake, wrong and incorrect advice provided to the patient by the doctor.
  • Home Call Doctor is not an emergency service and may have a waiting period based on the availability of a home visiting doctor in a particular area with particular preparations (if needed).
  • “Home Call Doctor” service may be unavailable due to unavoidable conditions such as political unrest, natural disaster etc. Also, service may be unavailable in some selected Govt. holidays. In either case, Doctorola will inform its users about the unavailability of service.
  • The time committed by the doctor or Doctorola for a home visit may sometime vary or change without notice due to certain unforeseen situations created from traffic, availability, other emergencies or any other unavoidable conditions.
  • The purpose of GP in home visit is limited to the purpose of general consultation. GP will not be involved with wound dressing, saline fixing, injection push or any other nursing service.

Proactive Doctor Consultation

  • Proactive doctor consultation is provided based on the patient data obtained from previous medical history and current health condition shared by the patient with Doctorola.
  • Proactive doctor consultation will be conducted according to the schedule set by Doctorola.
  • Proactive doctor consultation being a remote consultation service, will have all the limitations and terms applies as for the remote doctor consultation and/or 24/7 telephonic doctor consultation.

Personal Electronic Health Record (PEHR)

  • Doctorola does not make any representations about the accuracy or completeness of any information in PEHR and that Doctorola only maintains that information for the convenience and access of the member. The information in PEHR is the information provided by the member and not Doctorola.
  • Retention of information is subject to the status and frequency of the member in using Doctorola services and renewing the subscription of the membership packages.
  • Information is preserved in the Doctorola PEHR is only to create convenience for the member or the patient. And, the member by agreeing to the terms and conditions, give full consent and right to Doctorola for collecting, storing and processing his or her health related information. Also, to anonymously share or use the information for research and for any other purpose for mass people’s benefit.

Video Doctor Consultation

  • Video doctor consultation is provided by General Physician (GP) and Specialist Physician (SP), as per the choice of the patient or as per the availability from a pool of qualified doctors on platform. Doctorola does not promote to take video consultation from any specific doctor, but if needed, will advise patient whether to take video consultation from GP or SP based on the medical condition provided by the patient.
  • For video consultation, patient may have to select a specialist doctor from the available specialist doctor pool maintained by Doctorola or may be assisted by the Doctorola customer service agents on choosing an apparently right specialty doctor for consultation.
  • Video consultation is available only on the Doctorola web portal and mobile app.
  • Doctorola will not be responsible for the failure of video consultation due to lack of technological arrangement from patient’s or doctor’s end such as insufficient internet balance, poor camera condition, problem in microphone, ungranted permission to make video call etc.
  • Doctorola is not responsible for the failure of video consultation due to uncontrollable issues such as poor network condition, internet speed, poor bandwidth, equipment malfunctioning, etc.
  • Doctorola does not ensure the video quality as it depends on the network operator’s internet speed, internet option (2G/3G/4G), video telecast quality (Compressed/General/HD) in patient’s mobile, etc.
  • Video doctor consultation being a remote consultation service, will have all the limitations and terms applies as for the remote doctor consultation and/or 24/7 telephonic doctor consultation.

Hospitalization & OPD/IPD Cashback : Exclusions

No benefit shall be paid under this Contract for expenses or losses resulting from or incurred in connection with or in consequence of the following:

  • Exclusion for Death Claim
    • All pre-existing disease related Death during the first 3 months of cover (after first 3 months of cover, such disease will be covered);
    • Death caused by self-inflicted injury or the commission of or attempted commission of an assault or any unlawful act, or being engaged in any illegal activity or felony;
    • By participating in illegal activity is not covered;
    • Suicide while sane or insane;
    • The condition of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), or any AIDS related illness or HIV virus.
  • Exclusion for OPD and IPD Claim
    • Immunization procedures;
    • Costs related to C-section or delivery is not claimable, but any unforeseen medical condition deriving from or as a consequence of C-section or delivery will be claimable.
    • Costs related to regular checkups and treatment in relation to normal pregnancy are excluded due to their certainity in nature.
    • Treatment of family planning purposes including termination of pregnancy, sterility or treatment related to assisted reproduction, cost of contraception, cost of female hygiene product like sanitary pads, etc.;
    • Mental, emotional or psychiatric disorders, alcoholism or any other narcotic addiction.
    • Obesity i.e., treatment for, or required as a result of obesity, any cosmetic or plastic treatment/surgery, unless required as reconstructive surgery as a consequence of an injury due to accidents, burns;
    • Allergy tests that detect allergen- specific IgE;
    • Any procedures which is experimental or not generally accepted by the medical profession viz. acupuncture, herbal/ayurvedic/homeopathy treatment and any Alternative Medical Care (AMC) etc.;
    • Rest, convalescence or rejuvenation cures, thermal baths, physiotherapy or confinement for the purposes of slimming or beautification;
    • Injury arising due to accident while participating in any unlawful activities (e.g., driving a car without a license), attempted suicide, violation or attempted violation of the law, injuries willfully or intentionally self-inflicted or due to insanity or under the influence of a drug;
    • Routine examination of eye and ear, fitting or replacement of eyeglasses (including Intra-ocular lens or contact lenses) or hearing aids, health screening including routine physical examinations (health check-ups) and any dental treatment unless require hospitalization for re-constructive surgery as a consequence of an accident;
    • Non-surgical care for tuberculosis, hepatitis B & C and any other vaccinations, all expenses incurred in connection with the donor for any treatment, AIDS and HIV diseases and costs of prostheses, corrective devices;
    • Sleep disorders i.e., treatment for insomnia, sleep apnea, snoring, or any other sleep related breathing problem.
    • For any OPD/IPD claim submission, there will be 15 days waiting period from date of package activation.
  • For Pregnant & newborn Care
    • Costs related to miscarriage is claimable as it is unforeseen, but abortion is not allowed for claim
    • USG from fifth time, if needed, will be applicable for claim, as per doctor’s prescription.
    • Costs related to C-section or delivery is not claimable, but any unforeseen medical condition deriving from or as a consequence of C-section or delivery will be claimable.
    • Any unforeseen disease occurred to newborn during the interim period of insurance

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