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Ask for an appointment of the doctor or contact the blood donor quickly with almost a single click. We take care of the rest.


Visit the doctor, take the service from hospital or meet the blood donor based on your appointment. Get back to good health and happiness.

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Abdul Mukit [ Engineer @ Dhaka ]

Real time doctor appointment... really first of its kind in Bangladesh. Surely will help a lot of people finding an appropriate doctor quickly..

Rimon Hasan [ Self Employed @ Dhaka ]

Very useful page. It will be easier to find a particular Doctor.

Dr. Syed Afzalul Karim [Prof., Dept. of Dermatology, Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College, Dhaka]

Now it is easier to get desire physician appointment by and physician also know about patient appointment.

Humayun Rashed [ IT Professional ]

This is a good and excellent idea. We the general people should use this website for searching doctor. We need to practice to be smart like western people.

Sabuj Mondal [Dhaka]

A good initiative. go ahead! digital Bangladesh will be establish such a way.

Shakil Mamun [ Business, Dhaka ]

অনেক দিন পর ফেসবুকে ভালো কিছু দেখলাম। মানুষের উপকার হয় এমন কিছু। ধন্যবাদ।

Shahinoor Khondaker [ Self Employed, Dhaka ]

ভাই আপনাদের মত কিছু ভালো মানুষের জন্যই দুনিয়াটা টিকে আছে, a big hug for doctorola unit, wishing every success in extending help to our nation.

Jinat Hira [ lives in Chittagong ]

I am happy with Doctorola's service. Last week I visited Prof. Dr. M. Mujibul Hoque.

Plabon Khan [ Exec. @ Habib Bank ]

A preferable web for council Doctor and Specialist. No time for wait. Now Specialist Doctor's is very easy for found. Try & be happy...

Gazi Mosthafizur Rahman [Program Manager @ Talent Hub]

What an idea........Excellent service so far. Long Live Doctorola !!!.

Mohammad Rakibul Hasan [Dhaka]

Thanks for providing reliable service across the country !

Rimon Hasan [Dhaka]

Very useful platform. It will be easier to find a particular doctor.

Saber Shah [Creative Director, Let's do Communication and Joint Secretary, Drishty Chittagong]

Pleased with the support from Doctorola. Thanks! Good luck for future!

Hasanul Arefin [ Dhaka ]

Wow ! innovative initiative....hopefully it will contribute to the society a lot and go a long way....

Habib Ahasan Schumon [Chief Executive Dreamer, Schumon & Co. @ Montreal, Canada]

I would say great initiative indeed. We need project like this. People will get huge benefit of this web.

Tasmia Nargis [ Homemaker @ Dhaka ]

নিঃসন্দেহে একটি মহৎ উদ্যোগ। সঠিক ডাক্তার খুঁজে পেতে অনেক মানুষের সুবিধা হবে। এখন আর ডাক্তার সিরিয়াল দেয়ার ঝামেলার কারণে রোগ নিয়ে ঘরে বসে থাকা নয়। ধন্যবাদ উদ্যোক্তাদের।

Rezar Chowdhury [@ Dhaka]

I had an amazing experience in here. From now on I will do all my medical appointments from Doctorola.

Mohammad Nazrul Islam [General Secretary @ BSHRM]

Truly time demand steps....wish you all the best. I have already enjoyed the service and cooperation & support was appreciable.

Mohammed Saiful [Owner @ Dhaka Trade Int.]

Wow! It's a very good web page in which people can take appointments anytime they want with the particular doctor which he /she needs!!

Rahat Siddiquee [ DGM @ Kazi Farms ]

Very good initiative...It really helps people to find the right treatment at right time...Really praiseworthy initiative....Best of luck...

Md. Kawsar [ Manager @ Dhaka ]

It's an innovative platform connecting patients to the right doctors. Thanks Doctorola..!!

Lutfun Nahar [ Doctor @ Dhaka ]

Digital idea, time saving ! Dr.Lutfun Nahar MBBS (DMC); Ph.D (Dermatology, Japan) Fellow Skin Laser (Thailand) Dermatologist, Cosmetologist, & Laser Surgeon; Central Hospital, Green Rd.

Dr. Shafiul Alam [Asst. Prof., Dept. of Neurosurgery, National Institute of Neuroscience & Hospital, Dhaka]

Excellent activities. Very helpful for the patient to find out their desired doctor. Thanks Doctorola team. Best wishes for Doctorola.......

Abdul Alim [From Offline Message @ Dhaka]

It is a very good platform to get proper treatment. Digital idea. I am happy with Doctorola's service. Last week, I visited Dr. M. Shajahan at Delta Helthcare, Mirpur, Dhaka. Thanks for providing reliable service across the country!

Nur Nobi Dulal [ freelance writer ]

দারুন খবর। ব্যস্ত মানুষরা এখন থেকে ঘরে বসে ডাক্তারের সিরিয়াল দিতে পারবেন। ডাক্তারের সম্পর্কে বিস্তারিত জানতে পারবেন। জানিনা, সাইটটি কারা করেছেন। তবে ভাল একটি উদ্যোগ নিয়েছেন।

Mh Mehedi [ Dhrubo Host @ Dhaka ]

খুব আশা করে আছি অনেক ভালো কিছু হবে। আশাহত করবেন না আশা করি। :)

Kutub Mollick [Assistant Professor @ KMC]

Good idea. Dr. Md. Kutub Uddin Mollick. MBBS, MD (Liver), Liver Specialist, Khulna Medical College.

Rashedul Hassan Shaon [ Engr. @ Dhaka ]

This is a very good site, I think it will helpful for us.

Anower Hossain [ Executive @ GSK ] helps patients getting proper treatment by seeing the specialist. Thanks to & I like it.

Mujibul Hoque [ Professor @ Dhaka ]

Very good initiative. Prof. Mujibul Hoque, FCPS FRCP (UK), Skin, Sexual Medicine Specialist, Popular, Dhanmondi

Mahbuba Jahan [ Homemaker @ Dhaka ]

নিঃসন্দেহে একটি সুন্দর ও যুগোপযোগী উদ্যোগ। Doctorola এর এগিয়ে যাবার জন্য শুভ কামনা রইল।

Md. Ariful Islam [ from News Comment ]

এটা খুবই ভাল একটা উদ্যোগ। যেহেতু একটা নাম্বার এই সব ডাক্তার পাওয়া যাবে তাই সব নাম্বার collect করার ও আর দরকার হবে না ।

Rezar Chowdhury [Dhaka]

A great online startup with a fast responding service. I had an amazing experience in here. From now on I will do all my medical appointment from Doctorola.

Tutul Bhowmick [ Supervisor @ PBL ]

This is a project for all; not only me. We all will be proud of DOCTOROLA.

Rajib Rahman [ Doctor @ Khilgaon, Dhaka ]

চমৎকার উদ্যোগ। এক কথায় অসাধারন। নবীন ডাক্তার এবং রোগীদের জন্য দারুন একটা ব্যাপার হবে।

Ferdoushi Jahan Mishu [@ Dhaka]

Very helpful page for health information and a great service to easily find good doctors.

Abdullah Al Noman [Student @ University of Science & Technology, Chittagong]

Very helpful service to get my desire doctor.You can use it.

Anisul Islam Sumon [ Business @ Dhaka ]

Great initiative!! it will surely revolutionize the traditional system.

Masud Parvez Raju [@ Gray Dhaka]

So far their service is excellent. I have already taken 5 successful appointments through their site for my friends and family.

Engr Nuruzzaman [ GM @ Nitol Motors ]

Excellent system! I will be obliged to avail.

Kafi Uddin Ahmed [Worked @ TSS Technologies, Dhaka]

This holy attempt will definitely help millions of people to health conscious and attend Doctor before they become bed ridden. Cordially wish success.

Sk Rumi [ Assoc. Prof. @ DMC ]

It's a good idea to help people. Dr. Sk. Nurul Fattah Rumi, Associate Professor, Ear, Nose, Throat and Head-Neck Surgery Department, Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

Syeda Elisa Rahman [@ Dhaka]

They have best services in the city. Doctorola is very helpful.

Tuton Majumder [Worked, LGED @ Mymensingh]

ধন্যবাদ। আপনাদের এই জনকল্যাণ মূলক কাজটি আমার মনে হয় সর্বস্তরে খুব সুনামের সাথে আলোচিত হবে।

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